So much of what we do is driven by our desire to feel good about ourselves and our lives.

We are striving for more but
what is the more we are really seeking?

Along our journey we have been conditioned to believe that more is better.

Well-meaning authority figures in our families and schools taught us from a young age that the acquisition of roles and rewards is the secret to a happy life.

In reality, the path of pursuit is a ceaseless and ultimately unfulfilling quest for happiness.

Too many people are now stressed, exhausted and burnt out in their desire to create a perfect life. It is a never-ending satisfaction hunt that can never be appeased.

But maybe you don't need anything more to be happy!


Presence is an invitation to move away from the struggles and strains characteristic of a materialistic era. Enduring and sustainable contentment comes from learning to be with what is rather than projecting into an imaginary future.

From Pursuit to Presence is your guide to side-stepping the rat-race and finding the inherent joy that comes from living in the now.

No more fighting for inner peace, no more driving for results, no more running to stand still, no more addiction or obsession with constant effort and hard work.

From Pursuit to Presence will show you how less is more — less complexity means more space; less striving to achieve means more allowing the natural joy of life; less inner turmoil & drama means more sustainable peace & contentment.

Once we realise that what we really want cannot be pursued, we open up to the discovery of something special — we have been looking for happiness in all the wrong places.

How the fear of inadequacy drives us into pursuit — but finding happiness is only possible when we realise our true worth.

How liberating yourself from the pursuit mentality ends the inner battles and brings you peace and tranquility.

How making the switch from self-improvement to self-acceptance & self-love is the most powerfully transformative gift you can offer yourself.

How to let go of the cultural myths and expectations that have been holding you back from your most authentic self.

How our priorities have been skewed by the illusion of achievement and how to realign yourself with what matters most.

How ditching complexity and simplifying your life brings you to the absolute joy of knowing "enough-ness".

How your goals have always been an attempt to create a feeling that you have been depriving yourself of — and how that feeling is available to you at any time.

How to stop chasing and pursing your ambitions and let life come to you!

Praise for From Pursuit to Presence

20 Lessons to Support Your Journey

To make the shift From Pursuit to Presence, we have to release the conditioned thinking and cultural myths that keep us trapped in
the striving and driving mentality.

The Pursuit to Presence Online Workshop contains 20 guided processes and exercises to reinforce the ideas in the book and boost
your personal transformation.

  • Release the burdens and attachments weighing you down
  • Tap into your body wisdom and heal unresolved hurt and resentment
  • Discover the conditioned beliefs of the False Identity and meet your True Self
  • Explore different emotional states and the permissions/restrictions you place on your self
  • Ground and centre yourself in the present moment
  • Dissolve separation and division, and strengthen your sense of oneness

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Tiffany Kay is a transformation and transitions coach who helps people to make life (and business) simple. So often it is our quest for more that causes our discomfort and suffering.

All of the demands and pressures become overwhelming, making it practically impossible to live in and enjoy the present moment — which is a shame because that is where all the good stuff happens!

Tiffany works with her clients to discover where things are more complicated than they need to be and to create space for more of what makes them happy. She loves to help others to ditch the rat race and find the natural joy and contentment that comes from living in the now.

Tiffany has written two books. Her first book ‘JoyScope ~ Daily Inspiration to Nourish Your Heart & Soul’ was published in 2012 and this second book, ‘From Pursuit to Prescence’ was completed in 2014. She lives in Warrington, England with her husband and their four children.

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What the readers are saying...

"In this modern era we complain about having too much to do, but I think it is often easier to be busy than to just 'be'. This book guides you through the process of 'being' at one with yourself and helps to bring a level of appreciation and richness into ordinary life that cannot be found through the pursuit of money or possessions. I recommend this book especially if you are looking to find more meaning and inner comfort in these busy times" Carole Carroll


"As someone who consciously began her own self development journey nearly 10 years ago, and has at times been lost in the pursuit of goals, this was exactly what I needed.  Knowing how to live in the moment, as opposed to in the moment you wish you were having, is a lesson and a gift.  From Pursuit to Presence so clearly demonstrates how life changing this can be.  I heartily recommend this book, to anyone who has felt inadequate, in any small way about who they are, or where they are in their life" Lucy Pemberton-Platt


"This is an incredible book full of stimulating ideas and practical tips and exercises. Whether you are just starting your journey or down the path, you will find something in this book which will make the journey easier and more enjoyable" Ann Page


"Are you are constantly seeking something that’s missing? Perhaps never feeling good enough? Or noticed life is a constant battle to keep the plates spinning? From Pursuit to Presence is a book that blends knowledge, expertise, personal stories and developmental exercises, which have the ability to connect you with your own inner voice and guide. The book is filled with laughter and tears.  Laughter at the honesty of Tiffany’s stories and tears as I connected to areas I struggle with in allowing my own presence to shine out. If you want to stop the chaos and bring on the calm, then read this book!" Linda Williams